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Early Issues
1881-1888 Banknotes/1890-1893 Regular Issues/Columbians
1894-1895 Bureau Issues/1898 Regular Issues/Trans-Mississippi
Pan-American/1902-1903 Regular Issue/Louisiana Purchase/Jamestown Issue
1908-1909 Regular Issues/Coils/Bluish Paper
1909 Commemoratives/1910-1911 Regular Issues/1910-1913 Coils/Panama-Pacific
1912-1916 Regular Issues and Coils
1916-1917 Regular Issues/1916-1922 Coils
1917-1919 Regular Issues/1918-1920 Offset Printings
1919-1921 Coil Waste/1920 Pilgrim Issue/1922-1925 Regular Issues
1923-1929 Regular Issues/Coil Waste & Coils/1923-1926 Commemoratives
1926-1929 Regular Issues/Commemoratives/Kansas-Nebraska
1929-1934 Commemoratives/Rotary/Washington Bicentennial
National Parks
1935 Special Printing/1935-1939 Commemoratives/Army-Navy Issue
Presidential Series
Famous Americans
1940-1954 Commemoratives/Overrun Countries/Liberty Issue
Airmail/Special Delivery/Postage Due/Shanghai Overprint/Official/ Newspaper/Parcel Post/Parcel Post Postage Due/Special Handling/Hunting Permit (Duck) Stamps
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